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Adora Dolls

by Robert Davis

Some people might say having dolls is a hobby you endure while you're young and still a kid, but some dolls have been known to become collector items for some. Dolls have been around longer than you may think. Throughout time, their designs have changed to fit the eyes of children and collectors. During the 20th century, dolls were created in a way that it related to folk culture, literature, and arts. Adora is one brand of doll that both children and collectors find attractive.

Adora Dolls Inc., have a group of award-winning team of doll designers who have created adora dolls to the highest quality based on the culture that the doll is originally from. The company has designed dolls based from a numerous of countries such as Japan, Italy, China, Taiwan, Chile, Guatemala, Bolivia, Poland and many other countries. The company has been nominated for the "Industry's Choice Award" since as early as 2002. Some adora dolls that have been nominated is Leslie in 2002, Emily in 2003, Miao Miao in 2004, and Sanjaya and Sujatmi in 2008. Sanjaya represented the culture of India while Sujatmi portrayed arts from Indonesia. Adora dolls have been around since 2000 and are known for their unique, beautiful clothing that's made from wools and silks, that features nice skin tone and made from vinyl material.

Adora dolls typically makes its owner feel as if they have a real baby and they come in many different styles of dolls from hair and eye color, to a various of outfits, and the capability to sucking their little small thumbs.  The 19 and 20 inch adora dolls will be one of the best collector items you choose to collect. One of the adora dolls that stand out is the "20 Inch Name Your Own Baby with Pink Waffle Weave Romper." This doll is from the 2008 collection which features lavender eyes and blonde hair, wearing a pink waffle weave romper. The 20 inch Arbor Day Doll is another adora doll that stands out from the 2008 collection. It stands tall with light brown eyes and hair, with an impression to give viewers its innocent look, while sitting in a waterproof windbreaker. His denim jeans features a patch pocket that matches his jacket and shoes to make his outfit complete and stunning.

If you're into cowboy dolls, you could check out the Cowboy Adora Doll. He's featured with a orange checked-cotton shirt, with metal star-studs on the shirt along  with blue denim jeans, with cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and neckerchief that gives him a unique cowboy appearance like John Wayne. In 2009, the Name Your Own Baby doll Yang Zongbao was nominated for the Industry Choice of Dolls of the Year. But if you're a collector that wants to collect smaller adora dolls, you might want to check into the 8 inch Sandy's Adorable friends series.

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